How Can Extensibility of a Platform Benefit a Business?


Similarly, How can the extensibility of a platform benefits of a business?

Explanation: Having an extension platform helps firms to not only design and deploy solutions that meet demands beyond the regular product, but it also allows them to scale up and down. However, it also enables them to apply current innovation trends to those solutions without jeopardizing their existing operations.

Also, it is asked, How can extensibility of a platform?

The term “platform extensibility” refers to the ability of a user to expand a software platform without modifying the original coding. As a result, users enhance the underlying functionality, resulting in additional capabilities and outputs. Traditional software architecture was created for manufacturing that was sequential and single-use.

Secondly, Which describes a platform Brainly?

Explanation: A platform is a collection of technologies that serve as a foundation for the development of various applications, cycles, or advances.

Also, Which describes a platform Accenture?

a software package that is ready to use and performs a certain business function.

People also ask, What is a platform used for?

A platform is any hardware or software that is used to host an application or service in the IT world. For example, an application platform is made up of hardware, an operating system, and coordinated applications that employ the instruction set of a certain CPU or microprocessor.

Related Questions and Answers

How can an Organisation Customise and extend the functionality of a platform Brainly?

Answer. Answer: By interacting with its APIs to create extensions and customize current features to the organization’s requirements.

Which areas of a business would most benefit from using the Workday platform?

Answer. The workday platform would be most beneficial to human resources, compliance, recruitment, and finance.

What is extensibility in cloud?

Extensibility refers to a wide range of subjects that enable customers and partners to customize conventional business software to meet their own requirements. This covers business setup, integration, custom fields and logic, as well as UI, form, and report layout customization.

What is the core function of an enterprise platform?

An enterprise platform’s primary role is to link the supplier and the customer. An business platform gives you the tools you need to communicate effectively. It aids in the optimization of a firm. Customer connections are managed through an enterprise platform.

Which best describe a platform?

A platform is a collection of technologies that serve as a foundation for the development of further applications, processes, or technologies. A platform is the underlying hardware (computer) and software (operating system) on which software applications may be executed in personal computing.

What is an example of an experience component within an enterprise platform Brainly?

Answer: Within an enterprise platform, an example of an Experience component is A mechanism for processing payments from customers. This is a method in which a client puts an order and then pays for it using a mobile app.

Which process of the enterprise platform interacts with vendors and manages?

Answer. Explanation: Experience is the process through which suppliers engage and manage the complete supply chain link on behalf of a retail customer using an enterprise resource planning platform. The only process that handles the whole supply chain in a business chain is experience.

How can implementing and integration platform as a service improve a company’s operations?

IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) improves a company’s operations by allowing data to flow more freely across numerous platforms. Explanation: IPaaS allows enterprises to connect and sync data from both cloud and on-premise apps.

When evaluating platforms What is the key factor in ensuring a platform?

Explanation: When assessing platforms, the important component in ensuring a platform meets an organization’s goals is mapping the platform against established business objectives.

What is a platform in enterprise platform?

Enterprise Platform is a set of technologies and tools that serve as a foundation for the development of additional applications, processes, or technology.

Why do we need platforms?

Networks are formed by platforms (versus products or services). They’re ecosystems that allow and facilitate the flow of information, material, and goods between two interdependent groups, usually producers and consumers.

What are the main factors of platform technology?

Platforms enhance interoperability and cooperation across systems by enabling various technologies to connect into one other and draw on each other’s services in a seamless manner. Because it is open, a platform technology design is well suited to user-generated systems.

What type of platform is Twitter?

a social networking site

Which areas of business would most benefit from using the water platform?

Anti-money laundering, compliance, and server machine management.

Which describes the benefits of automation?

Higher production rates and productivity, more efficient resource usage, greater product quality, enhanced safety, shorter labor workweeks, and shorter manufacturing lead times are all benefits typically ascribed to automation.

What extensibility type can you use to extend the business functionality of S 4HANA cloud?

Extensibility on each sides It may be used to augment SAP HANA Cloud Platform apps with additional features — the current development languages are Java and server-side JavaScript.

Which are the key advantages that customers can enjoy with SAP’s 4HANA extensibility?

The following are the advantages of decoupling business process extensions in SAP S/4HANA installations, including SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Extended Edition: Software updates require less work. Faster innovation cycles = more upgrades. Allows for very flexible implementation –> quicker implementation cycles.

Which extensibility tasks can you perform on SAP cloud platform?

Custom Business Objects Information Retrieval Custom Business Objects Data Access Management Using SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules, extend a custom business object with business rules logic in S/4HANA Cloud.

How can Migrating to an enterprise platform solution help business improve employee productivity?

Migrating to an enterprise platform solution improves employee productivity by freeing up time for workers to concentrate on core company processes.

What are the components of an enterprise platform?

The following are the most popular ERP components: Human Resources is a term used to describe a group of Managing your personnel is usually the first concern. Management of Customer Relationships (CRM) Insight into the business world (BI) Management of the Supply Chain (SCM) Inventory Control. Accounting/Financial Management is a combination of accounting and financial management.

What is the most important function of an enterprise system?

The most crucial role of an Enterprise Application is to coordinate all of an organization’s many systems in order to integrate and make them operate together.

Why is platform technology important?

The platform enables users to focus on their apps rather than the technology that supports them. Simultaneously, it enables technical employees to swiftly expand, develop, or update application software, hence enhancing company speed.

What platform is used for advertising?

Google and Facebook continue to rule the roost. In terms of both use and effectiveness, marketers polled chose Google and Facebook as their top digital advertising platforms. Google is used by 87% of respondents, while Facebook is used by the same proportion.

Is Netflix a platform?

Netflix, although being a technological firm, is not a platform business. It’s simply a modernized linear television channel. It licenses or generates all of its material, much like HBO. To learn more about why Netflix is as linear as any other company, watch the video below.

Why are development platforms used by developers for extending enterprise platforms?

Why do developers utilize development platforms to enhance corporate systems? Reverse engineering is used by developers to construct platform clones. Platforms provide developers with an API to utilize. Platforms provide developers with an SKU to utilize.

What are features of platforms?

The ability to grow an audience is one of the platform’s features. Platforms also convert connections into transactions, ensuring that the transaction is in the suitable format for communication and that it is effectively communicated. One of the features is the provision of vital communication and coordination tools and services.


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