How Can I Check if My Business Name Is Available?

In most states, an online entity name check tool is available on the state business filing agency’s website. You may use the online tool to look for business names and see whether another company is already using the name you want.

Similarly, Can two businesses have the same name?

Is it possible for two companies to have the same name? Yes, however there are several conditions that must be followed in order to avoid trademark infringement and to identify who is the actual owner of the name.

Also, it is asked, How do I check if a business name is registered UK?

You may use the name search tool to determine whether a business name is available elsewhere on our website. The search examines whether the limited company name is available at Companies House by connecting directly to the government’s database of business names. Fig1. The quest for a company name is now underway.

Secondly, How do I check if a business name is registered in Ireland?

You may also use the Company Search Facility to examine the registry of company names for free. The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland allows you to search the trade mark registry.

Also, How do I find out if a business name isn’t taken?

Use the free trademark database provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The free trademark database on the USPTO’s website may be used to search for federally registered trademarks. To begin, go to the Trademark Electronic Business Center of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and choose “Search trademarks.” Then, as shown on the screen, follow the steps.

People also ask, Can I trademark my business name?

As a firm expands, registering a trademark helps protect a name or brand from intellectual property theft or abuse. On the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you may begin the trademarking procedure. Although the application may be finished quickly, the total procedure might take months.

Related Questions and Answers

Can 2 companies have the same name UK?

For solo traders and company partnerships, the regulations are different. Your name cannot be the same as the name of another registered business. If someone complains about your name being too similar to another company’s name or trade mark, you may be forced to alter it. The word ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’ must normally be at the end of your name.

How much does it cost to register a business name UK?

Companies House online registration costs £12 and applications are normally processed within 24 hours. If you must submit your application by mail, it will take 8-10 days and cost £40.

Can I register a business name and not use it?

When you register a company name with Companies House, it is legally protected and cannot be used by anybody else. Trading names do not have this protection, which means that if someone wanted to register your trading name as a limited company while simultaneously demanding that you cease using it, they could do so.

Is a company name taken?

Is my company name already taken? Doing a company entity search in your state, checking Federal Trademark Records, and searching the web for firms with the same or similar names are the best ways to find out whether your business name is taken.

How long does it take to register a business name?

According to the commission, the process of registering a company name may take anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on the workload of the CAC and other circumstances. A registrant has the option of doing it themselves or hiring an agent, often a lawyer. Since 2020, however, the procedure has taken up to six months in certain situations.

Can a sole trader have a business name?

As a solo trader, you may operate under your own name or the name of your company partner, if you have one. You do, however, have the option to be creative and give your nascent business a new name if you so like. The importance of picking the perfect single trader company name cannot be overstated.

How do I check if a name is registered?

Go to to access the official website for trademark registration in India. To use the public search feature, go to the trademarks tab and then to public search. Wordmark, Vienna code, and Phonetic are the three search criteria provided.

How do I trademark a name for free?

A trademark cannot be registered for free. However, merely by starting a company, you may create a “common law trademark” for nothing. The advantage of relying on common law trademark rights is that it is free and does not need any special labor, such as filling out documents.

How do I name my small business?

Suggestions for Business Names Know what you’re doing. Naming, like many other business activities, requires a thorough grasp of your firm. Make use of descriptive language. Don’t be too literal. Make a decision on a name style. Avoid names that are difficult to spell. Make up a tale. Get some opinions on the name. Don’t limit yourself too much.

A trademark protects goods that differentiate or identify one firm from another, while a copyright protects original work. A trademark is formed by the frequent use of a mark in the course of business, while copyright is produced automatically when unique work is created.

If you don’t register your trademark, you’ll only have legal protection in the places where you conduct business. This implies you may be able to prevent a later user of the mark from using it in your geographic region exclusively, even if it is a larger corporation.

If someone else wants to use your name or emblem for their own reasons, a trademark may protect you. Also, since copyright protects creative creations, you can’t actually copyright a name. This is why your company’s intellectual property, such as your logo, has to be protected by a trademark.

Should I trademark before LLC?

Finally, it is preferable to incorporate a limited liability company (LLC) or other business organization before submitting a trademark application. It’s ideal to set up your LLC with the help of an attorney who is licensed in your state. You may also utilize a reputable online filing service or another do-it-yourself provider.

Can someone steal my business name by registering it as a trademark?

The quick answer is yes in principle, but no in practice. If you don’t have a trademark on your name, someone else may look up an available name in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database. They’ll be able to trademark it after that.

What is the cheapest way to trademark?

The cost of trademarking a company name starts at $225 and goes up to $600 each trademark class. This is the fee for filing a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Application System is the simplest and least costly method to register your trademark (TEAS).

Do I need to trademark my business name UK?

There is no legal obligation for you to trademark your company or brand name (logo). In truth, you might have ‘common law’ rights to your company name even if you don’t legally register it.

Can I run multiple businesses under one company?

Yes, it is conceivable and legal to run many companies via a single LLC. Many entrepreneurs who want to do so utilize a “Fictitious Name Statement” or “DBA” (also known as a “Doing Firm As”) to run a separate business under a different name.

What does Ltd stand for in business?

liability restrictions

Is it better to be sole trader or LTD?

More tax efficient: Operating your firm as a limited company allows you to make more money. Limited corporations, unlike single traders who pay 20 percent to 45 percent income tax, pay 19 percent corporation tax, making them more tax efficient. They are also eligible for a broader variety of allowances and tax deductions.

How do I buy a name for my business UK?

Here’s how to start a business: Make sure the name of the firm you choose isn’t already taken. Choose a corporate address that is official. Select a SIC code for your business. Appoint a board of directors for the firm. Create a diagram of your planned company’s share structure. Choose your company’s shareholders or Significant Control Persons.

What looks better Limited or Ltd?

There is no legal distinction between the two. You may use the entire term ‘Limited’ or the abbreviation ‘Ltd’ or Ltd to register your business (with full stop). This is only a choice for how your business name appears on the Companies House registry and on the certificate of registration.

What if my business name is similar to another?

If you select a name that is too close to a competitor’s name, that company may accuse you of violating its trademark rights. You may be obliged to alter the name of your company if this occurs. It’s possible that you’ll be required to pay monetary damages.

Do you have to pay for a business name?

When you transfer a company name, there is no charge. The individual who buys/receives the business name, on the other hand, must pay a charge when the business is registered under their name.

Complete a trademark search before applying for a trademark. Protect your legal rights. Use the Trademark Electronic Application System, or TEAS, to file your first application at For an initial application, fill out the TEAS form. Make sure to include your logo in the file. Fill out a “intent-to-use” form and submit it. You must pay the fees.

How do I name my LLC?

Requirements of law It has to be distinct. Your LLC’s name cannot legally be the same as that of another business company registered in your state or a trademarked term. The entity type must be included. It must not deceive. Consider your domain. Choose a name that will enable you to develop. Make a lasting impression.


To check if your business name is available for free, you can use a site called “”. This site will tell you whether or not the domain is available to register.

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